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Rob Slater has had a passion for leadership, and serving people, from as early as he can remember. Being a husband, father and colleague, as well as his career, has taught Rob the fundamentals about what it means to serve people and help people to grow, develop and love life.

This led Rob to become a certified Life and Personal Development Coach, where he focuses on helping people develop or grow in various aspects of their lives or careers. Rob employs a coaching style built on authenticity and compassion while challenging his clients to be the best they can be.

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Name of Practice: RS Coaching
Practice Location: South Africa but coaches internationally
Other Qualifications: None listed
Speciality/Niche: General life coaching
Unique Selling Proposition: Life and personal development coaching that is built on authenticity and compassion while challenging clients to be the best they can be
Additional Languages Spoken: None listed
Coaching Medium: Remote coaching (individual & groups); email and journal coaching
Coaching Hours: Weekdays only. All hours
Coaching Body Membership: None listed
Fees per Session: R45
Discounts and Incentives: First session is FREE. Payment plans can be discussed.
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More About Me

Firstly, I am a husband, and a father to a beautiful daughter. I am passionate about loving and serving those around me.

I started my career in natural resource management, where I had the privilege of working for a non-profit organisation and leading an amazing team, while managing a conservation area which consisted of critically endangered fauna and flora.

I then had the opportunity to work for another non-profit organisation, which gave me experience in working with private sector as well as local and national government agencies throughout the South African coastline. I got to travel the coast while meeting amazing people from all walks of life, as well as implement two programmes that both protect and showcase what the South African coast has to offer.

I then ventured out and joined recruitment agency where I focused on recruiting within industries such as renewable energy, environmental management, carbon and sustainability. This gave me the experience and insight into career guidance and coaching, interviewing, resume writing and personal development.

Most recently, I have joined an international non-profit organisation that enables businesses to compensate for their carbon emissions through sustainable reforestation projects.

My Coaching Services

We’ll start with a 30 minute introductory call – We’ll discuss what options are best for you and what the best way forward is. Here are some of the options:

New Insights transformational coaching programme

This programme is made up of 15 sessions (first session is free) using the New Insights life coaching system.

It is designed to give you the tools and techniques for navigating change, discovering more about yourself and set you on a path of confidence and self awareness. This is for anyone looking for a more structured programme and who wants to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Success is at your fingertips. This programme will help you get there.

Mindset coaching (first session is free)

Is life very busy and you just want to explore life coaching session by session?

I provide one-on-one life coaching sessions, either in person or via an online platform of your choice. These sessions aim to help you discover who you are and what makes you tick. If you already know this, then great! I would be excited to mentor and coach you to maintain and challenge you further. We will work on setting goals and navigate the areas of your life that you feel need work. We will invest in helping you see the opportunities that come from positive change and how to best to navigate the successes and challenges.

StopStart coaching (for ages 16 to 21)

Lets face it, life can be a daunting experience, especially if you are discovering who you are and what you are passionate about.

Most adults don’t even have this right. StopStart is a set programme to help young adults navigate through life. We will cover topics such as leadership, self awareness, career, budgeting, relationships, family and loving people. The aim is to provide young people with guidance and see them take responsibility for their lives and decisions while loving others in the process.

Coaching for your team

Being an employer or manager can be a daunting task. Teams are made up of people who all have their own challenges that they may be facing. Lets be honest, this can impact their work.

This coaching programme is for employers and managers who care about their employees’ personal wellbeing and want to see them succeed. The sessions are built around how employees can manage work and personal life to get the best out of both.

Coaching on call

This is a unique personalised coaching offer for those who are looking for leadership and personal coaching on a regular basis (On Call). Whether you need regular leadership coaching or guidance on important decisions you may face on an ongoing basis, this is perfect for you. This is a monthly fee.

Request Me as Your Coach

Start your journey towards living your best life. Request me as your life coach. Simply enter your details on the contact form (making sure to choose my name, Rob Slater, from the dropdown list of coaches) on the Request a Coach page.

  • Listing ID: 3592
  • Name of Practice: RS Coaching
  • Practice Location (Region): United Kingdom
  • Practice Location (County/Province/State): Other
  • Practice Location (City/Town): Other
  • Coaching Speciality / Niche: Career/Vocation, Change & Transformation, Financial, Finding life purpose, General life coaching, Health and Wellbeing, Life/Work Balance, Relationships, Spiritual, Stress management, Young adults / teenagers
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Offers life and personal development coaching that is built on authenticity and compassion while challenging you to be the best you can be
  • Coaching Medium: Remote/online (e.g. Telephone/Skype/Zoom, etc.), Group Remote/online, eMail/Journal based
  • Coaching Hours: Weekdays mornings, Weekdays afternoons, Weekdays after office hours
  • Coaching Body Membership/Credentials: New Insights accreditation and license
  • Discounts and Incentives: First session is FREE. Payment plans can be discussed.