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The Directory of Life Coaches is the perfect place to be If you are considering hiring the services of a certified life coach.

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Have the peace of mind of knowing that no matter how much coaching experience they have, each and every coach featured on this Life Coach Directory has, at the very least:

  • successfully completed a rigorous New Insights certification process that involves mastering comprehensive, broad based skills training theory followed by gaining a score of at least 70% for a written exam and conducting extensive practice coaching;
  • signed a declaration to abide by the New Insights Code of Ethics, committing them to a client-centric approach in their coaching;
  • been granted a license to coach using the New Insights Life Coaching System, which involves a tried and tested personal transformation programme that can be conducted over at least 13-15 sessions.
  • committed to provide life coaching services solely in his or her own independent capacity. Although trained by New Insights to high standards and licensed to use our System should they wish, life coaches featured here are neither employees, representatives nor agents of New Insights.

How to Use This Directory

New to life coaching?
If you are new to life coaching and still uncertain about whether or not you would benefit from hiring a life coach, we have published an informative article called Why Hire a Life Coach. You can read the article by selecting the page ‘Why Hire a Life Coach?’ from the main menu or you can click on the button below.
Need guidance on how to select the life coach just perfect for you?
Choosing the right life coach who is a great match for you and what you want to achieve, is an important decision and could make all the difference between a useful experience and an absolutely fantastic one!

Once again we’ve published an article that offers guidance on the four types of matching you should consider when making your choice.

You can access this article by selecting ‘What Makes a Great Match?’ from the main menu or you can click on the button below.

Want to search the Directory to find a life coach?

On the Find a Coach page of this Directory of Life Coaches you will find a listing of coaches together with a powerful search feature that will allow you to filter the list on a number of different and useful variables, such as fees, coaching medium, coaching hours, coaching speciality and more.

If you’re ready to search the Directory, please click on the button below:

Already know your top choice or choices?
Once you have selected your top preferred coach (we suggest you separately note down a shortlist of up to three in case your first choice is unavailable and you need to return to the directory) then select the page ‘Request a Life Coach’ from the main menu, or click on the button below.

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