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Nathan J Wood specialises in helping healthcare sector workers develop the mindset needed to enjoy increased success in their careers and lives.

Nathan has a clear knowledge and understanding of the issues of stress, exhaustion and burnout that many health care workers experience. Employing an empathetic, caring approach, Nathan offers his clients the tools and techniques to build self belief so that they may be, do and have more than they ever thought possible.

Nathan believes in the philosophy ’be all you should be’ and promotes an approach hat results in a life of abundance, fulfilment and purpose every single day.

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Name of Practice: Nathan J Wood, life coach
Practice Location: Neath, Wales
Other Qualifications: None listed
Speciality/Niche: Coaching healthcare professionals
Unique Selling Proposition: Helps clients to work through feelings of disillusionment, burnout and low self esteem to move in a different direction and get them excited about their purposes.
Additional Languages Spoken: None listed
Coaching Medium: Face-to-face and/or remote for individuals and groups
Coaching Hours: Weekdays and weekends, all hours
Coaching Body Membership: None listed
Fees per Session: £97
Discounts and Incentives: placeholder
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Nathan J Wood, New Insights certified life coach (continued)

How would it be?

How would it be if you could be the best you should be?
How would it be if you got rid of all the ‘stuff’ holding you back?
To wake up every morning with a purpose.
A reason.
And have total control over your life.
How would it be if you could have the life you want.
Be the person you want to be and do the things you want to do.
Take a moment to picture the life you could and should be living.


Incredible isn’t it.

Life coaching with me

This is where life coaching comes into the picture.
Working with me will give you the tools and mindset to allow you to be, do and have more.

Your new project becomes you.
We will work together to open your mind to new ways of thinking and processing things.
To change.
Give you proven techniques to boost your confidence, productivity and resilience.
Your life will take a boost.
You and everyone around you will benefit.

What if you could take these tools and knowledge and apply them to every aspect of your life, career, relationships or business.
Looking great
Feeling fantastic
Sound good?

What is stopping you?

Contact me now to see when is best for you for us to have a chat about how we can get you living the life you want and discover what is the most important thing for you right now.

Request Me as Your Coach

To request me as your life coach, please enter your details on the contact form (making sure to choose my name, Nathan J Wood, from the drop down list of coaches) on the Request a Coach page.


  • Listing ID: 3449
  • Name of Practice: Nathan J Wood Life Coach
  • Practice Location (Region): United Kingdom
  • Practice Location (County/Province/State): Wales
  • Practice Location (City/Town): Neath
  • Coaching Speciality / Niche: Career/Vocation, Change & Transformation, Finding life purpose, General life coaching, Health and Wellbeing, Life/Work Balance, Relationships, Stress management, Young adults / teenagers
  • Coaching Speciality Summary: Coaching Healthcare Professionals
  • Unique Selling Proposition: I am here to help you work through feelings of disillusionment, burnout, low self esteem. I will help you move in a different direction and get you excited about your purpose.
  • Coaching Medium: Face to Face, Remote/online (e.g. Telephone/Skype/Zoom, etc.), Group Face to Face, Group Remote/online
  • Coaching Hours: Weekdays mornings, Weekdays afternoons, Weekdays after office hours, Saturdays, Sundays