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Natalie Kirby‘s mission is to create a neutral, open and trusting environment, where people can be themselves and feel a sense of peace. Clients are taken on a journey – emotionally and behaviourally – to discover their life purpose.

Natalie’s vision is to inspire people to live their dreams and unlock their true potential. She provides the tools and support to help her clients gain the insights required to make necessary changes within, encouraging them to create and maintain a balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Natalie’s specific passion is inspiring women, and especially mums, to achieve a healthy work / life balance.

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Name of Practice: The Wee Country Mouse
Practice Location: Perth, Scotland
Other Qualifications: Bsc (Hons) Psychology graduate
Speciality/Niche: Finding life purpose, change and transformation, life/work balance for stay-at home parents, natural living and wellness
Unique Selling Proposition: Experience and understanding of the pressures of corporate life, specifically those faced by women who juggle the demands of a career and child care. Helping people solve the challenges they face and enabling them to achieve success by restoring balance in all areas of their life.
Additional Languages Spoken: None
Coaching Medium: Individual and Group coaching face-to-face and remote
Coaching Hours: Weekdays, office hours
Coaching Body Membership: ICR (International Coach Register) Coach Practitioner
Fees per Session: £55
Discounts and Incentives: 10% discount for upfront payment for the full coaching programme.
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Natalie Kirby, New Insights certified life coach (PRO level)


Discover the Possibilities

“All our dreams can come true, If we have the courage to pursue them”

– Walt Disney

I believe you can create the life of your dreams and be an amazing mother and wife at the same time. Since becoming a mum, I feel strongly that it is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and is arguably the most important job in the world! I now want to inspire and encourage other moms to live their best life and find the work life balance. Which can be so hard in our current world as we try to live up to expectations and fear the mummy guilt when we try make something of ourselves and make sacrifices for our kids. I want mums to reclaim their confidence and self value and worth to be all they can be.

I am also super passionate about making the word a better place. I do this by living simply and as eco friendly as I can. By doing so I bring this into my practice and love to share my knowledge to help others in their journey. This is why I started my new business, The Wee Country Mouse, to showcase this way of living and how I bring this into my coaching business.

More About Me

I have been a certified New Insights PRO life coach since April 2015 and a Bsc (Hons) Psychology graduate (2010). I also hold full status as an ICR (international coach register) coach practitioner. I was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa in 2013, where I pursued my passion for developing people and helping make a difference by becoming a life coach and starting my own coaching business.

In 2021, I emigrated back to Scotland to embark on our rural country life and slowing down to a simpler way of living that aligns with nature and living consciously.

My career background in international banking afforded me the experience and insight into the corporate way of living and motivated me to further my studies and use my knowledge to help make a difference in people’s lives. Becoming a life coach has allowed me to work with many clients not just in the corporate space but for women especially who want to take the next step in making a change in their lives. To create balance between work and family home life, to not just strive but thrive. To face each day with empowerment, motivation, focus and ultimately purpose. When we live with purpose it opens the doors to so many possibilities. I want to give people the confidence to go out and achieve just that! To be a success and to come home at the end of each day feeling content and at peace. Mind, body and Soul.

I have a great love for the outdoors and as a family we engage in many activities such as mountain biking and running. I have always loved animals and have volunteered for places like the SSPCA and SANCCOB in Cape Town working mainly with penguins. The pairing of the natural world and the animal kingdom is what makes me inspired every day to live as simply as I can and try make a difference to the world. This is why I am conscious of my own footprint on this planet and reducing my waste and consumption. My goal is to become as zero waste and plastic free as possible whilst sharing my country inspired simple living journey.

My Coaching Services

1)    Work/Life Balance Coaching

Individual sessions which focus on gaining balance throughout all the areas in your life. These sessions are tailored specifically to your needs so that you get the optimum success and reward for your efforts. I work face to face in an agreed convenient spot for you or via Skype/Whatsapp video.

I offer a 6 month programme which is based on fortnightly sessions where you will get:-

  • Client workbook after every session which includes your Action Steps to work on
  • Email/Call support between sessions
  • Monthly milestone review 
  • End of 6 month Celebration guarantee!

The 13 session programme is recommended over 6 months as it takes this long to achieve realistic goals and make a lasting change and impact to your life areas.

I also offer the ‘Intensive goal setting session’ which is a 3 hr in depth coaching session where you will come away with defined goals that are

  • Realistic
  • Achievable
  • Broken down into manageable milestones.

We will work together to build the foundations for your success by eliminating any initial fears and empowering you to take the next steps towards creating the life you deserve.

I have also created simple and beautiful courses/retreats to realign yourself with the natural world and to nurture the soul. We will do this by, elevating your conscious awareness to what matters most to you in life. To live the life that feels right for you and your family as you go through life seasons. To light your fire and burn brightly and fulfil your potential.

The two programmes I run are “The Wellness Hour” which is a concept that came about as I felt a need to create a time and space for people to slow down in the busyness of life. To connect with themselves, with each other in community as well as draw inspiration from nature and as we change and adapt to the seasons. It’s a time to be mindful, to focus on our well being and take a moment to pause and just be.

What to expect

  • Weekly exclusive online group coaching via Zoom (outside gatherings in nature will resume as we come out of lockdown and COVID 19 restricitons)
  • 1 hour of guided breath exercise, mindful journalling, seasonal topic discussion and habit creating with accountability
  • Access to WhatsApp group with your coach Natalie Kirby
  • Prepare to fill your cup, work on self growth, self care and overall mind/body/soul well being
  • Connect and be part of a community of women supporting each other

I also offer  “The Frazzled to Dazzled Mama” online course that has been specifically designed for Mamas to reclaim their confidence and control. To overcome the overwhelm of motherhood and especially in times of lockdown and isolation that we have been through in 2020.

We can come through the other side stronger, more capable and more in tune with ourselves and a clear vision of our hope for the future.

Move away from the comparison state and embrace you true self and DAZZLE as the amazing women and mother you are.

I will teach you how to setup your day for success, to live according to your own rules and values and get you realigned to loving yourself and your life.

The course outline:

  • Goal Setting Masterclass
  • Weekly workshops via Zoom (4 in total with homework activities)
  • Bonus Celebration workshop via Zoom

2)    Business Coaching

Business Assessment with the outcome of identifying key areas of potential business improvement and determining the coaching needs of staff.  The assessment is followed by one-to-one coaching for key staff members identified.

3)    Corporate Workshops

Topics of which include:

  • Work/Life Balance
  • Goal Setting
  • Confidence Building
  • Communication

The outcome is to: create goals and timelines for staff to grow and develop within the business, empower staff with confidence and motivation to deliver high standards, build awareness of self and projection and develop a greater understanding of how to communicate and deliver information (e.g. performance reviews)

My Coaching Style and Signature ‘Treatment’

I am there as a coach to support you in building your success in your life or your business. My coaching style is not to hand hold – you are responsible for change in your life and in your business. This is the backbone of my signature treatment. I hold you accountable and will be there to ensure you stay motivated along the way. You will be taken on a journey of self awareness and growth to unlock your potential.

Typical Situations Where I Can Help


During one-to-one coaching sessions I help clients to create goals in a chosen life area which requires focus to get more balance in their life, for example, a career change or transition into a new role at work.

I also help people to gain a work life balance by focusing on other life areas such as their health or taking on new hobbies all of which improves performance in other areas.

For many, it’s the coaching process of increasing self awareness and gaining more confidence and self belief that helps them to step out and become the best they can be and to enjoy great fulfilment in life.

The corporation:

I can work with key staff such as senior managers and directors, team leaders, clerical staff and customer/client service staff with the aim of:

  • Maximising the success of the organisation through developing and empowering it’s people and improving their customer service
  • Providing tools and techniques to improve staff morale and performance

Feedback From Some of My Clients

“I have definitely become more secure in myself…I’ve enjoyed how open I have become in expressing my thoughts and feelings…coaching is a great tool to truly get to know yourself…It was exactly what I needed and I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for my coach and all the valuable skills I have learnt.”

– Nandi M, Cape Town, ZA

“The coaching has allowed me to be more accepting of myself, to believe in me, to take charge and make the decisions I want with confidence…I have set goals and put things in motion. I have become more calm and pragmatic, more understanding…An eye opener, the logic of life brought back from within me to assist me in my journey.”

– Arkaitz E, Edinburgh, UK

“It was great to have someone that you are accountable to, who challenges you to keep aiming at your goal…At the beginning of the process I wasn’t sure which direction to go and by the end I had landed my dream job…Its been a challenging and fulfilling journey and I have grown in confidence and the ability to cope with challenging situations. Its been hugely valuable to have had the time to focus on where I want to go.”

– Kate M, Cape Town, ZA

Next Steps

I believe that I can make a difference in your life and your business, to help grow your people, motivate and inspire to do better.
My track record of coaching others into landing new jobs and transitioning to roles better suited to their skills and needs demonstrates my success as a nurturing coach.
Let me take you on the journey to creating a balanced business where people at the heart of it feel valued and committed.
Please feel free to contact me to discover the possibilities for your life and your business!

Request Me as Your Coach

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  • Listing ID: 3517
  • Name of Practice: Natalie Kirby Life Coaching
  • Practice Location (Region): United Kingdom
  • Practice Location (County/Province/State): Scotland
  • Practice Location (City/Town): Perth
  • Qualifications: Bsc (Hons) Psychology graduate, New Insights PRO Life Coach and ICR (International Coach Register) Coach Practitioner
  • Coaching Speciality / Niche: Career/Vocation, Change & Transformation, Finding life purpose, General life coaching, Health and Wellbeing, Life/Work Balance, Spiritual, Stay-at-home parents
  • Coaching Speciality Summary: Work / Life balance coaching, Business Coaching, Corporate (one-to-one and group workshop coaching) and Online course for Moms
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Experience and understanding of the pressures of corporate life, specifically those faced by women who juggle the demands of a career and child care. Helping people solve the challenges they face and enabling them to achieve success by restoring balance in all areas of their life.
  • Coaching Medium: Face to Face, Remote/online (e.g. Telephone/Skype/Zoom, etc.), Group Face to Face, Group Remote/online
  • Coaching Hours: Weekdays mornings, Weekdays afternoons
  • Coaching Body Membership/Credentials: ICR (International Coach register) coach practitioner full status
  • Discounts and Incentives: 10% discount for upfront payment for the full coaching programme.