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Margaret Brennan, currently resident in Australia, is certainly no stranger to upheaval and change.

Originally from the UK, Margaret spent fifteen years living in New Zealand and has worked with people in Europe, China and South Asia. During her previous job, which involved supervising people during their early research careers, she discovered coaching others, as they make life choices, to be more rewarding than research. This encouraged her to become a New Insights certified life coach.

Margaret’s passion lies in enabling others to make positive life changes in a constantly changing landscape. She focuses on turning the ‘challenges’ into opportunities.

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Name of Practice: Creative Choices
Practice Location: Melbourne, Australia
Other Qualifications: None listed
Speciality/Niche: Change and Transformation
Unique Selling Proposition: Creating positive change by helping clients find the answers within
Additional Languages Spoken: None listed
Coaching Medium: Face-to-face and remote
Coaching Hours: Weekdays only. Business hours and after hours
Coaching Body Membership: placeholder
Fees per Session: £45
Discounts and Incentives: 10% discount when paying for 14 sessions in advance
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Margaret Brennan, New Insights certified life coach (continued)

About me

Life is forever changing and the pace of that change can be frightening at times. Many of us feel that the decisions we face regarding jobs, work-life, social activities, families and friends create a haze of confusion. Sometimes we feel as though we have reached a fork in the road and are uncertain about which direction to move or we simply feel stuck and don’t know how to create a positive change.

​During my life I have embraced  change. Originally from the UK, I spent 15 years in New Zealand, and have experienced working in Europe, China and South Asia, and now live in Australia. This multicultural experience has helped me understand that everyone is different in their approach to life, and that that whilst you may consider yourself as a citizen of the globe, what you value as your home is an important anchor in your life.

My work experience has taken me through being a shelf stacker, carer, full time mother of  four, and a successful academic career based in food and wellness. Being well aware that different things are important at different stages of life, I have been fortunate to pursue a career in coaching. This has given me the opportunity to follow my passion of helping people to find their true path.

Life has proven to me that coaching can help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and give you the opportunity to focus on what is really important to you. Therefore, I have an emphasis on facilitating change by helping people find their own solutions to challenges and recognising them as opportunities. ​

What I offer

I believe that one-to-one coaching allows you to develop the skills and techniques to experience fulfilment in your every-day personal, social and working life. I offer individual coaching focusing on shaping change, work life balances, discovering values and worth, well being and health, goal setting and motivation for development.

The purpose of my life coaching sessions is to help you find solutions to enable you to move forward in your life with confidence and greater self awareness.

Everyone who chooses me as their life coach gets a 90 minute session that is free of charge to explore their goals, aspirations, and road blocks at work or in your wider life. After which, you are able to choose to continue on a freelance coaching agreement, or complete the New Insights life coaching programme. The New Insights programme consists of a further 14 sessions which are best completed fortnightly meaning that the programme lasts around 6 months. Each coaching session lasts 90 minutes. I am well versed in online techniques and can work across time zones.

So you can choose the pace of the activity, the frequency of meetings and which times best suit your busy life. Whatever form of coaching you choose, we will work together in making the experience as friendly, open and rewarding as possible.

Request Me as Your Coach

To request me as your life coach, please enter your details on the contact form (making sure to choose my name, Margaret Brennan, from the dropdown list of coaches) on the Request a Coach page.

  • Listing ID: 3557
  • Name of Practice: Creative Choices
  • Practice Location (Region): Other
  • Practice Location (County/Province/State): Victoria
  • Practice Location (City/Town): Melbourne
  • Coaching Speciality / Niche: Change & Transformation, General life coaching, Life/Work Balance, Spiritual
  • Coaching Speciality Summary: Change and transformation
  • Unique Selling Proposition: Creating positive change by helping clients find the answers within
  • Coaching Medium: Face to Face, Remote/online (e.g. Telephone/Skype/Zoom, etc.)
  • Coaching Hours: Weekdays mornings, Weekdays afternoons, Weekdays after office hours
  • Discounts and Incentives: 10% discount when you pay for 14 sessions in advance