Submit Profile and Listing

General guidance

To submit your profile and listing you are required to complete various information fields below.

The information you provide will be used by New Insights to compile a ‘Quick Facts’ extract, which will form part of your final public profile. Some of the information will also be used by prospective clients to filter on coach profiles using the ‘Search’ facility.

‘100 word Intro Followed by Your Detailed Profile’

This provides you with an opportunity to share more detailed information about you and your practice. We recommend that you view some of the other profiles listed on the SA Life Coach Directory to get an idea of how to structure your submission.

It’s important to note that the first 100 words of your detailed profile will be extracted and used in an abbreviated profile that will display as the result of a prospect search.

You want this to help you stand out and encourage the prospect to click on your name to bring up your detailed profile. and listing. For this reason please write the introductory text in the third person (as if someone else was writing about you) and start it with your name (e.g. Joe Soap) for search engine optimisation purposes. Try to stick as closely as possible to 100 words. We recommend a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 110 words. Spend some time getting your introduction just right, as it is very important to the reader.

Please write the rest of your detailed profile (in which you can use up to as many as 2,000 words if you wish) in the first person (as if you are talking directly to the prospect) to give a warmer and more personal feel.

Profile picture

You can upload a suitable profile picture. We recommend size 300 x 300 pixels and suggest head and shoulders only. There is a basic picture editing tool on the site but you can also ask New Insights for help with editing and/or sizing your pic if you need it.

Your Fees

Please specify an exact per session rate, not a range. You may request New Insights to specify a range in the Quick Facts extract if you prefer.

Contact Details outside of the Directory

Please do not make any reference to a website, if you have one, your social media pages, or your email address. We want to ensure that any requests for you as a coach are submitted via this Directory (and not via other channels) so you can properly assess its effectiveness.

When ready, you may Save your profile as a Draft to work on again later or you may go ahead and ‘Place your Listing’. Once the listing is placed New Insights will receive an alert. We will then create the Quick Facts extract and then approve the listing, after which it will be  moved from ‘pending’ status to ‘published’.

Enter your profile details: